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Introduction NILOS-RING
DIFKU, DISKU special rings
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Circumferential speeds
Circumferential speeds
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Circumferential speeds


The NILOS-Ring is a contact-type seal in its standard form, both in AV and in JV form. Only once it has run-in into the bearing ring it produces a non-contact gap seal in the ยต-range after a certain running-in period. The standard types of NILOS-Rings can be used for peripheral rotating speeds of up to 6 m/s. However, this speed range is not adequate for many applications. But even then you do not have to give up the customary reliability of NILOS-Rings as sealing elements. If it is possible to run in the unit at below 6 m/s, the sealing edge is fully run in after 24 hours and can then be operated without harm at higher speeds.

If a running-in process is not possible, NILOS-Rings can be installed with reduced Preload or minus preload. In this case please quote the operating r.p.m. when ordering. The corresponding preload will be determined by us on the basis of the type of application and the speed. The JV types of ring should be used for peripheral rotating speeds above 15 m/s.

NILOS-Rings type LSTO

The LSTO rings are a non-contact sealing system and can be used for a circumferential speed of up to 30 m/s.

NILOS-Rings type LST-L

By means of an integrated Viton gasket operation at circumferential speeds of up to 3 m/s are possible in case of permanent contact with liquids. If LST-L type NILOS-rings are used in applications with liquids to which they are not permanently exposed, the circumferential speed is restricted to 1 m/s.