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Introduction NILOS-RING
Shapes AV and JV
Shapes ZAV and ZJV
Shapes for taper roller bearings type AV,JV and AK
Shapes LSTO and LSTL
DIFKU, DISKU special rings
10 points to be noted
Circumferential speeds
Fitting Rules
Design suggestions

Shapes LSTO and LSTL

Steel disk seal LSTO

Sealing package comprising of steel disks are ready for installation and capable of handling thrust loads. The sealing works on a non-contact basis and can follow axial movements of the roller bearing rings to 0.3 mm without any jamming of the disc.

Type LST-L steel disk seal

The type LST-L ring is a further development of the type LSTO NILOS ring. By means of an additional Viton gasket, a considerable sealing effect is achieved when in contact with liquids.



The NILOS-Ring  type “LSTO”  has been designed for bearing points that are subject to exceptionally high levels of dirt.
Description: A NILOS steel disk seal that is ready for installation for a roller bearing of 30 mm internal diameter and 55 mm external diameter is called in  NILOS-Ring abbreviation “30 x 55 LSTO”.

The NILOS-Ring  type “LST-L” is suitable where a variety of liquids is used.
Description: with the NILOS ring symbols “25 x 47” LST-L, a steel disk seal with an additional Viton gasket for a roller bearing with an inner diameter of 25 mm and an outer diameter of 47 mm, is designated.