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Introduction NILOS-RING
DIFKU, DISKU special rings
10 points to be noted
Circumferential speeds
Fitting Rules
Design suggestions

Design suggestions

Cover or sealing plates for Z and RS bearings are not always adequate for the requirements placed upon them so that they need to be saled in addition with NILOS-Rings. Working in collaboration with the roller bearing industry, NILOS-Rings of types ZAV and ZJV were produced to seal bearings of this type. The job of these NILOS-Rings is to protect against dirt contamination; they prevent above all a relatively quick destruction of the sealing lip in deeep-groove ball bearings of RS design. The design suggestions can only illustrate the fitting of NILOS-Rings in a general way and point out the most likely mistakes.

Most likely mistakes

Image 1: Right installation

Particular attention must be given to the design as far as keyways or grooves are concerned.

Image 2

The bearing housing does not allow enough space for the seal width. At least 1 mm clearance behind the NILOS-Ring is necessary.

Image 3

The clamping of the NILOS-Ring is insufficient if the shaft shoulder is too small in diameter; a solution may be the NILOS distancering.


Image 4

Every sealing element must run absolutely concentric. The NILOS-Ring must therefore according to its application either be centered on the bearing housing or on the shaft.

Image 5

Problems may occur with this design on the left page regarding the circlip groove and the NILOS-Ring especially during the mounting process. A solution may be the NILOS-Spacer-Ring.